My own path to wellness has not been without trials and tribulations. My life has been laden with abandonment, abuse, neglect, bullying and betrayal. I struggled with rejection, ways to fit in, limiting beliefs about my self-worth and, ultimately, how to navigate life circumstances that seemed futile.

From the time I was a toddler, I learned to take care of myself and meet my own needs mentally, emotionally and physically. Being a child of teenage parents and having been given away repeatedly beginning around the age of 5, I learned early on that my caretakers, while providing a home and food each day were not able to lovingly nurture me or guide me in the way I needed my parents to, nor was I given any real sense of stability. To add par to the course, at a time when no one was paying attention certain people took inappropriate advantage of a little girl who was lost, confused and alone.

My elementary years were spent trying to fit in. I was continuously rejected and bullied for being different, ridiculed for the clothes I wore, and teased because I didn’t have any friends. Eventually, I learned to put on a strong front, to hide my inadequacies, and bury my emotions deep inside. I made an unconscious commitment to do everything on my own so that no one could ever leave me again. As long as I stayed strong and was independent, as long as I remained alone, I couldn’t be abused, betrayed, judged for being a bitch, or labeled as a being a victim. Or so I thought.

As a young adult I projected all of my unresolved emotions and past experiences onto everyone I encountered. I told my tragic story to anyone who would listen. I carried all of me into every conversation and into every life circumstance. I left people before they could leave me and, ultimately, I created a life of isolation.

I knew how to rock being alone. I was good at that. I was strong, independent, reliable, and I didn’t take shit from anyone.



I thought I was on top of my game. Until a series of events occurred that brought my life crashing down. Again. At this point, it became clear that denial and self-sabotage were no longer an option.

When I first began my spiritual practice and stepped onto the path of personal development, the isolation, abandonment and rejection from my childhood became heightened and more pronounced. My life had become even more tumultuous than it previously was, as I wrestled with the aspects of myself I hated and had spent a lifetime disowning.

Years later, I was taught by one of my mentors, Debbie Ford, that my perceived negative qualities and traits were actually my greatest strengths. Through some of the darkest nights of my soul’s journey, I began to slowly chip away at the walls that safeguarded the sweet heart and the bright light that had always been deep within me. The closer I got to that beauty within myself the more valiantly I charged into the work. The obstacles became an opening to clarity, grace, and a deeper understanding of my life’s purpose.



After years of integrating all that had been woven into the fabric of my being, I emerged on the other side with a zealous commitment to helping others along their path to emotional liberation.

In the years since, I have dedicated my life to helping others find their purpose, health and an overall wellness of being – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  I help people who are experiencing exhaustion, overwhelm and a lack of motivation to create more structure, balance and fulfillment through supporting clients through Mental and Emotional Release® techniques and mindfulness-based lifestyle practices.

This is the work I do with myself and with those who are ready to let go of the old and create space for the new.


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